The Catholic University of America

B.S./M.S. Dual Degree Program

By the start of their junior year, undergraduates at CUA may elect to enter the dual degree program. Students in this program earn both a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in biotechnology. The program requires 30 credits.

  • This program offers several advantages:
  • A Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree earned in 5 rather than 6 years
  • A summer internship in biotechnology offers experience and employment opportunities
  • Graduates with a dual degree will earn higher pay
  • Graduates with a dual degree start earning a year sooner

In addition to the basic requirements for the B.S. degree in biology, the curriculum includes the following:

  • Graduate-level biology courses are double counted for 12 credits
  • Four new biotechnology courses provide 12 credits
  • Summer internship earns 4 credits
  • Graduate research seminar gets 2 credits